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My Vision For The SEO Pub Community

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My vision for the The SEO Pub Community is


To Become the largest, most well-respected

SEO community on the planet.


Obviously, as I write this, we are a long way from that goal. It’s a big goal. 

I believe that in order for one to succeed in business you first must help others to succeed. I hope that comes across in my contributions both in the public and private areas of the community. For this place to become what I envision it becoming, it cannot just be me that feels that way. We need other marketers contributing their knowledge and experiences to help the membership too. I have always found that by helping others it keeps me thinking about what I am doing in my own business, and it grows as a result.

Our membership is always going to be full of marketers of different levels of experience and skills. There will always be members brand new to internet marketing and members who have been doing this for 10+ years. All are welcome here, and I hope that all participate in the community.

The type of member that I hope to attract and foster here are ones that are really serious about building, growing, and maintaining an online business. I hope you read the Being a Better Member thread and take it to heart.

Sometimes being an internet marketer can be a bit lonely. Often times it is just you and your computer. It does not have to be that way. Here we will have a TEAM of marketers pulling in the same direction, helping one another to achieve their dreams and success.

T-ogether E-veryone A-cheives M-ore

Welcome to our community.

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