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  3. In general, I would worry about relevancy more than authority. But it's not that simple. I'd take a completely irrelevant link off the home page of CNN versus a highly relevant link on some blog that someone just started 6 months ago that nobody has ever heard of.
  4. Hey everyone, I've been diving into the world of niche edits lately and had a question pop up that I hope some of you seasoned pros can help with. When it comes to implementing niche edits for SEO purposes, what's your take on relevancy versus authority? Is it better to prioritize getting a link from a highly authoritative site, even if it's not directly related to your niche, or should relevancy be the main focus, even if it means sacrificing a bit of domain authority?
  5. No superpowers but he did save the Earth.
  6. Would you share the common word list which is most of time generated by Chatgpt for any topic.
  7. When it comes to building backlinks, quality outweighs quantity by far. A single high-quality backlink holds more value than numerous irrelevant ones. It's crucial to prioritize acquiring links from reputable and relevant websites. Such links carry greater weight with search engines like Google and can substantially enhance your website's SEO performance.
  8. When I'm looking for link opportunities, I focus on a few key things: Relevance: I want the website to be related to my niche or topic. Authority: I prefer sites that have a good reputation and strong backlinks. Trustworthiness: It's important that the website is trustworthy and credible. Transparency: I like it when websites are open about how they do link-building and follow Google's rules. Traffic: I consider how many people visit the website and how engaged they are. Overall, I look for links that fit with my SEO goals, help build my site's reputation, and follow the rules.
  9. Got there pretty late but it was open late so. I want one!
  10. Keyword clustering almost complete. Now next step is content. After google update ChatGPT content is safe for blogging. If I don't use author profile, any issue for this? Or how will be the about us page of the blog? Any suggestion or example?
  11. I don't think I would ever have the time to put together a complete guide like that, but once you have the keywords, I would use something like Semrush's cluster option or a tool like KeywordInsights.ai. Both do a pretty good job of clustering everything. You will still want to go through the results and make any changes you think are appropriate, but both of these options make it a lot easier than starting from scratch and manually clustering everything.
  12. This would be a nice change. https://www.seroundtable.com/bing-webmaster-tools-24-months-data-37030.html
  13. Hi Mike, I have already selected keywords and your niche research tips help me to do this. But as beginner, I'm facing problem with keyword clustering, content clustering and semantic seo. Would you please give me a complete guideline.
  14. Well, when they first took over, they had those of us who were mods train some of their staff to help moderate. Then one day we logged in and we were no longer mods. No discussion. No explanation. Not even a thank you. Just a big 🖕
  15. Agreed l only said that since l spoke to one of them and let's just say he/she has left the forum. Sure l agree 15 was too much, (but there is a right way and wrong way to treat members who you have to demote and still retain membership as much as is possible).
  16. I bet you are going to see a lot of keyword tools expanding on or adding Reddit functionality in the very near future. Here is an early example from the team at KeywordInsights. https://redditinsights.ai/
  17. Well, in their defense, there isn't enough traffic to warrant 15 mods there anymore. They probably barely need 4 other than for the sales area maybe, but they never let any of the volunteer mods get involved there anyhow. To be honest, I'm more interested in new blood with new ideas.
  18. Ok, so it was recent glad l went back there again after lurking back to see if anything has changed. Yes as we both know Kay is the top cheese over there and possibly more from what l have witnessed! There used to be 15 mods there recently reduced to 4, (and probably one in the next few years). Good to hear from you too Mike. And l am sure when you get this forum fleshed out old timers from the Warrior Forum will migrate to here.
  19. Not really my expertise, but it seems as good as anywhere else. It is pretty popular in some Reddit communities that I have seen.
  20. I just updated my signature link there. Didn't really expect to get much traffic from it though as 1) that place is a freaking ghost town and 2) I'm not really active over there anymore. I made a post over there about how stupid it was that on a discussion forum they lock threads that are only a few weeks old, completely stifling many discussions. Ironically, it was locked by the admin in a few days. 🤣 Good to see you Shane.
  21. Not sure if this is the right section, (l know Mike you haven't got around to subsections yet) but just wondering if Flickr is good for storing images and using it to post on forums, (imgur has shot itself in the foot recently with all images are all together in one file nonsense).
  22. Me been working on my forum doing deals with other platforms to get new signups and recently found after a few years that SEO is starting to kick in on its own, (the latest Google update certainly gave me the biggest surge in traffic l have seen which has died down) and l am seeing new signups on SEO only instead of paid as of late.
  23. Agreed one day Spartan marketing academy the next some Chinese Anime shop? Clever how you posted on the WF and created a link to here, (l read your post some time ago and didn't realize to now so well played overall). Good to have a second option.
  24. I'll let someone else offer advice on that. I don't really pay attention to competition.
  25. If possible, suggest some uncommon methods to find low competitive keywords. I'm using SEMrush. Now many reddit and Quora keywords rank on google. Reddit and Quora are strong competitor? How to measure a keyword high or low competitive?
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