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  4. I'll let someone else offer advice on that. I don't really pay attention to competition.
  5. If possible, suggest some uncommon methods to find low competitive keywords. I'm using SEMrush. Now many reddit and Quora keywords rank on google. Reddit and Quora are strong competitor? How to measure a keyword high or low competitive?
  6. A few of the less common methods suggested that I frequently use to find keywords: Searching through reddits relating to the topic and seeing what kinds of questions people are asking. Go to a Wikipedia page about my topic. Then click on the Tools dropdown menu and click on "What links here". This give you a list of all the other Wikipedia pages linking to this one. There are often some great search terms, entities, and semantically related terms in here. Look at People Also Ask questions. If the site has been around for a while, I'll got to GSC and use a regex expression to find all the questions people are searching for that my content is showing up in SERPs for. I'll often find topics and search queries that my content is currently not addressing well because I wasn't really targeting them.
  7. Give me some effective methods to find best niche and keywords for my blog.
  8. I agree. I was surprised by the amount of people who thought this was news.
  9. I saw this last week. People on Reddit and Twitter were flipping out about it. https://www.seroundtable.com/google-html-structure-seo-rankings-36789.html Isn't this something we've known for about a decade now?
  10. It's about time you got a forum going again. I've missed the old Spartan hangout.
  11. I mainly consult and run content and onsite optimisation for a few local clients monthly. However, I manage hosting for about 20 others. I want to introduce my hosting clients to SEO by creating a local guest posting network between my 20 sites. The idea is low maintenance for me, low entry cost entry for them. The structure and pricing are unclear at the moment, but I suspect a nominal fee will initially get you a basic audit and then guest posts on another local company website each month. Is this likely to make a measurable difference, all things being equal? Is there a risk of Google mistaking this for a fake PBN, considering they are almost all on my one server? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. The keyword thing is a discussion I have with clients when we first start working together. It's kind of hard to change their mindset once you start working together. I set up keyword tracking that they can look at whenever they want, but I don't present ranking reports to them on a regular basis. I will highlight something if we have a big win. I would do the same if we had a big loss. I explain to them that we want to focus on covering topics. Most of the high traffic pages I work on get clicks from 1000 different search queries each month. We would drive ourself crazy trying to track all of those and it would be a waste of resources. I try to pick out keywords that will let us track overall trends. Are we moving up or are we moving down? Their primary focus should be on conversions.
  13. Frase has a big webinar in a couple of hours where they are supposed to be announcing big updates. I saw the beta. Looks like they are largely revamping it to look something a bit more like Surfer and other tools. It was missing a few functions I liked, but maybe they will be in the final release. What I saw in the beta, might make me go shopping for a new tool.
  14. I got neuronwriter on appsumo, Frase is definitely a more mature service and has better functionality but I still use neuron since I paid for it. It's actively being developed with new features but I'd say it's a few years behind Frase.
  15. Thanks for the input David, you and your damn amazing hair! I try to gloss over the keywords but don't seem to have much success because they always want to come back to it. So I may not be framing the conversation well to focus on the other areas. I like agency analytics but don't like the minimums and maybe that's just me being cheap. I average between 3-5 clients/month.
  16. This is a cool little feature of Microsoft Edge. You can quickly search Google and Bing at the same time. search google and bing.mp4
  17. Personally, I don't look for much. I want to see that the the page my link will appear on is relevant to the target page or site I will be linking to, and I want to try to gauge the link profile of the page my link will appear on. If it is going to be a new page, obviously there is nothing to look at, but I do try to look at the overall site structure. What does the site typically do with new posts? Do they use good internal linking practices? You can look at domain-level metrics like Authority Score in Semrush or DR in Ahrefs, but if there is no link path to the page your link will appear on, it will not benefit from the strength of the overall site. Traffic to me is a bonus. If the site is a high traffic site, that's even better, but my experience in building thousands of private network sites (most of which received little traffic) tells me it is not necessary.
  18. I saw someone posting this question in another forum and thought it might be an interesting discussion. They were asking specifically about guest post opportunities, but I think the same things apply to basically any link opportunity. What are some things you look for in a link opportunity?
  19. I tried it maybe 1 or 2 years ago. I didn't like it as much as Frase. I don't remember exactly why. I think because it didn't have an option to build content briefs and share them with writers. I don't know if they have added that feature since then.
  20. I just put it into a PDF and uploaded it to the GPT.
  21. I found NW to be way over priced for what they offer. Haven't seen their prices lately though.
  22. Did you use a document retrieval plugin or something to pack in all those pages?
  23. Agency Analytics is actually super convenient and easy to use, so I'd give that a go! As far as keyword reporting, you don't want to dive in too deep simply because of natural fluctuations, it'll start to become a headache. I also usually have clients that are coming from a rough spot, so I focus on the the work we're doing to improve their situation, and focus on those results.
  24. What are you doing with expired domains these days? Redirects for all of them or are you building sites on them too?
  25. Hi Mike, Thanks for revealing your tech stack. Have you ever tried Neuronwriter? It is considered a tool very similar to Frase. It would be nice to know your views on it.
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