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What to look for in link opportunities

Mike Friedman

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I saw someone posting this question in another forum and thought it might be an interesting discussion. They were asking specifically about guest post opportunities, but I think the same things apply to basically any link opportunity.

What are some things you look for in a link opportunity?

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Personally, I don't look for much. 

I want to see that the the page my link will appear on is relevant to the target page or site I will be linking to, and I want to try to gauge the link profile of the page my link will appear on.

If it is going to be a new page, obviously there is nothing to look at, but I do try to look at the overall site structure. What does the site typically do with new posts? Do they use good internal linking practices? 

You can look at domain-level metrics like Authority Score in Semrush or DR in Ahrefs, but if there is no link path to the page your link will appear on, it will not benefit from the strength of the overall site. 

Traffic to me is a bonus. If the site is a high traffic site, that's even better, but my experience in building thousands of private network sites (most of which received little traffic) tells me it is not necessary.

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When I'm looking for link opportunities, I focus on a few key things:

Relevance: I want the website to be related to my niche or topic.

Authority: I prefer sites that have a good reputation and strong backlinks.

Trustworthiness: It's important that the website is trustworthy and credible.

Transparency: I like it when websites are open about how they do link-building and follow Google's rules.

Traffic: I consider how many people visit the website and how engaged they are.

Overall, I look for links that fit with my SEO goals, help build my site's reputation, and follow the rules.

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