When should you start building links to a new site?

This one is going to be quick and simple. This is another one of those myths that drive me nuts.

You will sometimes see it recommended that you should wait to start link building to a new site for several months. Building links right away would look “suspicious” to Google or whatever nonsense people want to say about it.

In 15+ years of doing this now, I have never waited a single day to start link building activities on a new site.

Google has no idea what kind of offline, and in some cases online, promotion a website owner has done for their site. Maybe I have an email list of 50,000 subscribers I marketed it to. Maybe I have been running TV and radio ads 24/7. Perhaps I sent out 10,000 mailers in my area to promote the site. Maybe it’s all over a private Facebook group or forum.

The point is that just because a site is new does not mean it doesn’t have the legitimate potential to earn links.

Also, why wouldn’t a new site owner not be promoting their website? If you opened a new restaurant in town, I’m sure you would put a sign out front on day 1 (even before you opened for business). You would be running ads online and offline to get the word out.

Links are no different, and there is absolutely no reason to let a site sit before you start promoting it.

I think that SEOs, and many marketers in general, have this idea burned in their head that Google is out to get everyone. Google spends way more resources looking for reasons TO rank a website than looking for reasons NOT to rank a website.

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