Free SEO Dashboards for Google Data Studio

Search Console Opportunities

This is one of my favorite dashboards. It takes data directly from any site you have access to in Search Console and makes sorting the data much easier. All of this can be done inside Excel or Google Sheets, but this dashboard is ideal for someone who prefers not to work in spreadsheets and wants to be able to sort Search Console data with multiple filters.

Want to see all the search terms that one page is getting impressions for? Want to know every search term that got over 1000 impressions and is ranking between #10 and #15? Want to see every query that contains a certain word or phrase and which URLs are showing up in search results for those queries? You can do all of that and more with this simple dashboard.

Here is a video explaining how to use it and how to grab your own copy.

General Reporting Template

This is the dashboard template I start with for each client. It tracks the overall performance of their website. 

It includes audience tracking and demographic information, conversion tracking, and Google Ads reporting. 

I modify this template for each client to fit their overall goals and marketing channels adding information for things like Facebook Ads when necessary.

It’s a great starting point for building out your own dashboard.