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  1. I got neuronwriter on appsumo, Frase is definitely a more mature service and has better functionality but I still use neuron since I paid for it. It's actively being developed with new features but I'd say it's a few years behind Frase.
  2. Thanks for the input David, you and your damn amazing hair! I try to gloss over the keywords but don't seem to have much success because they always want to come back to it. So I may not be framing the conversation well to focus on the other areas. I like agency analytics but don't like the minimums and maybe that's just me being cheap. I average between 3-5 clients/month.
  3. My questions are about reporting analytics/KPIs to clients each month - Mike has shared a great lookerstudio template for general reporting but also mentioned in his 2024 Tech Stack Note "I try to avoid sending clients keyword ranking reports or getting too hung up on specific rankings,..." This got me thinking about everyone else's reporting experiences and approaches. What's worked/hasn't worked for you? Any suggested tools? Are keyword rankings a sticking point for your clients? Currently, I use reports generated by SEMrush and review them with the client every month. I've tried a few ways, slide decks, pdfs, live dashboards, but always go back to the semrush reports because the clients haven't been interested in dashboards or live data, AND they always seem to get hung up on seeing KW rankings.
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