Cast a wider net in your content strategy

One of the best things you can do for your content strategy is stop thinking about a handful of keywords. This is especially a problem with people newer to SEO.

They get laser focused on a few keywords, sometimes even just one keyword, and everything revolves around that.

One phrase I often see from those seeking help is “We lost ranking for our keyword.”


I could not even tell you what our one “keyword” is on any project I’m working on.

What’s the alternative?

The strategy you want to use is to design pages to rank for hundreds, if not thousands, of keywords.

I think it was Kyle Roof who I saw on a podcast that used the quote “Aim small, miss small.” This is a great idea for golf, but it sucks as a content plan.

You want to cast a wider net. Aim wide to give yourself the best opportunity to capture traffic related to your topic.

There is a theory out there called the SEO Avalanche Theory that basically says by focusing on ranking for tons of keywords, you will create a site more capable of ranking for the keywords you want to target.

This concept existed long before the SEO Avalanche Theory was ever published, but the original article, which I’ll link to, is a good read.

There is a definite correlation between sites ranking for tons of keywords and those same sites getting tons of traffic. You can often see their traffic spike as the number of keywords they rank for increases.

Let’s look at some examples.

Even OpenAI is a great example.

Along with Semrush.

And what is also interesting is you can find a correlation when a site starts to level off in the number of keywords its ranking for or even lose keywords. The traffic tends to do the same thing. is certainly not hurting for traffic, but look at how their traffic has leveled off as their keyword growth has.

The Beer Advocate chart pains me.

And what about CNET who was in the news recently with their idiotic idea to get rid of thousands of pages on their site just because they were old?

They’ve been losing keywords and traffic for a few years now.

In the coming weeks, I’ll go over some tips about how you can start building your content strategy to cast a wider net instead of having a laser focus on just a few keywords.

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