One of the things that I see constantly discussed and argued over is the belief that you need to constantly update your content in order for Google to love your site. While there is nothing wrong with posting about new topics that relate to your site’s content, it is not a requirement to regularly update your site in order to rank well. In fact, it can actually hurt your rankings.

What? Posting can hurt my rankings?

I know for some of you that will come as a shock. You will probably even disagree with me.
I was recently auditing a site for someone. They have been bouncing around the rankings for several of their primary keywords for months. One week they would break the top 5. A few weeks later they were on page 3. Then they would hit page one. After that back to page 5.

They went to message forums seeking help and advice. They got a lot of the normal nonsense.

Don’t worry about it. Just keep adding content regularly.

This is the Google Dance. It is quite common for a new site or a site building backlinks.

Have you checked your backlinks? Perhaps this is a Penguin/Panda penalty.

All of that normal junk you see on forums. Fortunately, they were smart enough to realize none of those people had a clue what they were talking about. That brought them to me.

I did a complete audit to look for anything else that might be contributing to this issue, but I knew what the problem was right away. I only had to ask one question to see the problem.

What page of your site is ranking for these keywords you are targeting?
Answer: The homepage.

There were some other very minor SEO issues on the site. Things like using HTML to resize images, some small grammatical errors, and not fully making use of an internal linking plan. Although all of these things can certainly hold a site back, none of them will make rankings bounce around like this person was seeing.

The problem was that they were publishing new posts 3-4 times a day and there site was setup with a traditional blog format. Why is that a problem? They were not targeting the keywords in question with any internal pages. They were targeting the homepage, yet the content on their homepage was constantly in a state of flux.

Now if you are a giant authority in your niche, you can get away with that. Your link profile will basically over come any onpage content issues you might have. Let’s be honest though, you might claim you have an “authority” site, but in reality you probably do not. Amazon is an authority. WebMD is an authority. is not an authority.

The solution is either to make a static homepage targeting your keywords, or to designate an internal page and then focus the site and your off-page efforts around that page.

This is not the first time I have encountered this. In fact, often when you see someone complaining about their rankings bouncing around a lot, this turns out to be the main culprit. It regularly is the cause of what people refer to as “The Google Dance”.

So yes, there are times where updating your site and publishing new content can actually cause your rankings to plummet.

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