Social Media Marketing

Many business owners realize that word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective form of advertising. When someone recommends a product or service to people they know, there is an inherent trust there that cannot be duplicated through television, radio, or any other form of marketing.

Today, businesses have a new opportunity to try to maximize word-of-mouth advertising. Word-of-mouth has taken a technological overhaul into the world of social media. Not only do social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube provide businesses with a way to stay in front of and interact with current customers and potential new customers, it also provides a way to build trust before they ever step into your place of business or speak to a representative of your organization.

Every business is not identical, nor should their social media campaigns be identical. The SEO Pub offers customized social media training, consulting, and services for all types of business clients across many different industries.

The SEO Pub does not just focus on promoting your business through social channels. We also monitor what people are saying about your services or products, whether it be positive or negative, so that it can be promoted further or addressed as needed.

We can help you with your social media projects on specific platforms or show you how to get multiple platforms working together delivering a consistent message to your customers and/or prospects.

Social Media Consulting

Our social media consulting services are the ideal solution for a business that has an in house marketing team currently handling their social media accounts. We will do a monthly in person or virtual meeting with the marketing team to discuss tips, trends, and successes across social media platforms. We will train them how to integrate multiple social platforms to make sure your business is putting out a clear and consistent message across each.

Additionally, we will train them how to monitor what people are saying about your business or service across social media platforms, not just on your specific accounts.

Social media consulting service
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Social Media Management

This is for the business owners who understand the importance of social media to their business, but want to take a hands-off approach and let a team of professionals manage their social presence.

With social media management services we take care of managing your business’s presence across multiple social outlets. We identify the ones that are best suited for your line of business, setup the accounts where your business is currently not present, and take care of monitoring what people are saying about your business and its services and products.

We will work with you to generate an overall strategy of what we want to accomplish through social media for your business, and then we work towards achieving those objectives for you.

Social media management service

While your active participation is not required for this service, we do keep you informed of what is going on and work directly with you for any issues that we feel might deserve the attention of you or one of your associates. An example, would be if a prospect posts a message on Facebook inquiring about one of your product’s specifications or capabilities. We realize that you are still the expert on your business.

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