Welcome to The New SEO Pub

The SEO Pub was long my running blog about search engine optimization, internet marketing, and beer.

The blog grew and had a lot of great followers and readers.

After releasing two new training courses about SEO, I launched The SEO Pub Academy. That was eventually re-branded into Spartan Marketing Academy. Spartan has a private discussion area for members who purchased the courses and a public forum was also attached.

With the launch of those sites, The SEO Pub blog was left behind somewhat. Most of my thoughts, tips, strategies, etc. were being shared in the forum.

I have received quite a few messages that people missed the old site, and to be honest, I kind of did too. Recently, someone decided to hack it and tear it down. It’s my own fault for leaving it somewhat neglected. However, it gave me all the motivation I needed to rebuild and redesign the site. Honestly, the old Thesis theme I was using was old, outdated, and showing its age.

For years I had kept my business website under the same brand, but on a different URL at TheSEOPub.net. It was showing signs of its age and was in need of a redesign too. I decided to combine them into one site here instead of maintaining the two separate sites.

I have been able to recover a lot of the old posts from The SEO Pub blog, but unfortunately, all of the comments were lost. I’m reposting many of the old posts, rewriting some, and others are being left in the trash heap.

The redesign is mostly done, with some minor tweaks to add here and there like messing around with fonts and some small layout issues.

Just to be clear, this in no way, shape, or form means that I am abandoning the Spartan Marketing Forum. I will be just as active as always there too. I think we have a great budding community that is continuing to grow.

I am just going to be getting back to some of my roots, so to speak.

Please excuse the mess as we tidy things up.

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