Googlers state dislike towards buttons that expand content

Two of the popular spokespeople for Google have let their distaste for websites using “read more” or similar buttons to expand the content displayed on the page be known. “Why would a site want to hide their content?” asked John Mueller. “I hate those.” Meanwhile Gary Illyes tweeted his confusion over the use of such [...]

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Intrusive interstitials mobile penalty – Google’s bark louder than its bite

On January 10th, Google launched what it called an intrusive interstitials mobile penalty. What does all that gobbly gook mean? It means Google was promising to penalize websites that were using intrusive ads in their mobile display. You've seen those sites you click on and an ad immediately pops up before you can see any [...]

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The SEO Pub has been redesigned and relaunched

Welcome to The New SEO Pub The SEO Pub was long my running blog about search engine optimization, internet marketing, and beer. The blog grew and had a lot of great followers and readers. After releasing two new training courses about SEO, I launched The SEO Pub Academy. That was eventually re-branded into Spartan Marketing [...]

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Bing Beats Google To The Punch – Disavow Links Feature Launched

While the SEO and webmaster community wait with baited breath for Google to launch its promised Disavow Links feature in Google Webmaster Tools, Bing went ahead and launched a disavow tool of its own. Duane Forrester, head of Bing Webmaster Tools cautions: You can easily export the list as you build it over time. These [...]

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Google Unleashes The Page Layout Algorithm Change

You have probably heard by now, but Google unleashed a fairly large change to their search engine algorithm last week. They are calling it the page layout algorithm change. At its heart, it really is a continuation of the changes that began with Panda last year. They are continuing to focus on the user experience, [...]

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Google Removes All Domains From Index

I have seen a lot of people overreacting to this news. Here is what you need to know. This is from Google… “If we see a very large fraction of sites on a specific freehost be spammy or low-quality, we do reserve the right to take action on the freehost as a whole. Taking action [...]

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