Search Engine Opitimization Services

In order to satisfy the varied marketing needs of different types of businesses, The SEO Pub, offers a variety of search engine optimization services. Some businesses require some steering in the right direction. For them our assessment or consulting options might be all they need. For businesses that do not have an in-house marketing team and need to turn over their day-to-day SEO tasks to a qualified professional, we offer full-service SEO.

Our clients range from small local businesses targeting just their own local market to national and international clients targeting clients and prospects around the world.

To satisfy the differing needs of business owners, our pricing is done on a per-client basis. When it comes to search engine optimization, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We offer customized solutions and price them accordingly in order to provide an optimal ROI for our clients.

SEO Assessment

Our SEO Assessment is designed to provide clients with an in-depth audit on their website, with the primary focus being identifying issues that will be an obstacle to achieving the desired search engine ranking of the client as well as issues that are known to violate Google best practices.

This report will give clients actionable items that they can incorporate into their online marketing plan right away to improve rankings and traffic.

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If you have a website that you believe has come under penalty, this is the service you will want to start with.

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Local SEO Service

Local SEO is the process of ranking a website for specific keywords in a geo-targeted market. It is a service that is best suited for a business that services a specific town, city, county or region of the country.

The advantage of local SEO is that generally there is less difficult competition, and it puts your business in front of the eyeballs of the right people.

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Less Competition – Trying to get your business noticed in your local community is going to be easier than trying to attract a national or international audience where you are forced to compete against websites from all over the country. Because the competition is a little less difficult, the prices for local SEO work generally tends to be cheaper than for larger scope projects.

The Right People – You are targeting the market that makes sense for your business. For example, an auto insurance agent who is only licensed in Pennsylvania will receive no value in generating leads in Maryland, Virginia, Iowa, etc. This service is for businesses that have a geographically defined service area.

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SEO Consulting

The SEO Pub provides search engine optimization consulting services on retainer to ensure that your staff is fully supported and that your business is able to reach its search marketing goals. Our SEO consulting services are tailor made for companies with an internal marketing and webmaster staff who believe they may require some external expertise and guidance. The SEO Pub staff will work directly with your staff in a co-operative manner with the goal of providing your company with all of the expert SEO marketing knowledge it requires in order to build and maintain a website that the search engines will love.

This service is intended to be a sharing of knowledge between our team and yours. Our consulting agreements are tailored to each individual business and vary widely based on your needs. They are billed by the hour and start with a minimum of five hours per month.

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During this time your staff will be able to bounce ideas off of and ask questions to one of our expert SEO consultants. We will personally review your site for any potential problems and provide either verbal or written recommendations for improvements to your website’s search ranking performance. We will provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Competitive Keyword Analysis
  • Tags and Attribute Review
  • Site/Page Construction
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Content Copywriting
  • Link Acquisition
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Full-Service SEO

We have found that many clients lack the time, and sometimes understanding, to manage their own SEO marketing campaigns. For those who have a marketing team already who handles their search engine marketing, our consulting service, where we work with and train that team on how to achieve better results, is the best solution. For a business that just wants to turn the keys over to a professional SEO team and have everything done for them, this is the service for them. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so that you can focus on running your business.

Most full service programs include the following:

  • Discovery Interview – The first step is an interview for us to learn about your business, your target market, business goals, and discuss expectations for the search engine marketing project.
  • Site Review – Our team will review and evaluate your website from the point of view of search engines. The objective is to identify any potential problems with the website that may impede achieving the desired search engine exposure. We will provide recommendations on improving things like site structure, page construction and content, and linking patterns. This review will be repeated throughout the project as often as needed.
  • Keyword Research and Analysis – Our team will research and analyze a list of recommended keywords to be used in the SEO marketing project. The client has final say on any and all keywords provided from this list.
  • Research, Analysis, and Page Editing – Analyzing and monitoring the behaviors of competitors as well as search engines must be a primary focus on every project. Along with ongoing research, we will recommend webpage edits of the site throughout the term of the project. No modifications are made without first discussing it with the business owner or representative. Pages will be re-evaluated periodically based on search and market trends.
  • Search Engine Ranking Monitoring – We monitor the ranking of specific webpages for targeted keywords in the major search engines. Monthly ranking reports are provided on request.
  • Link Acquisition and Building – We use a variety of best practices for both building and acquiring backlinks. These can include, but are not limited to, press releases, social networking, outreach to webmasters in related fields, placing the website in relevant quality directories, and building web properties to link from.
  • Competitor Ranking Reports – If you wish to track how your competitors are ranking in the major search engines, we can provide a monthly report for that.
  • Project Updates – We truly feel this is one of the things that really makes us stand out from other SEO companies. We believe in constant and open communication with clients. For those who wish to, we do bi-monthly conference calls to discuss updates, recent trends, project status, and future expectations. We have heard from many business owners that once work starts, the only communication they receive from their current SEO company is an occasional ranking report and a monthly invoice. We strive to be different, and treat our full service SEO clients as a partnership.
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