Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

In our opinion, no online marketing plan is complete without a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign. Even with top rankings in organic search, pay-per-click advertising lets you be even more visible and it allows you to advertise through other portals and reach customers outside of the search engines. The trick with PPC advertising is knowing how to properly allocate your budget, when to abandon ads that do not work, how to tweak ads to make the most of your listing, and how to analyze what your competitors are doing well.

We offer two levels of PPC advertising services.

Pay-Per-Click Consulting

This service is for the business owner that is handling their own pay-per-click advertising campaign or has an in-house marketing team running it, but feels the campaign could use a new voice to get it to its full potential. Our PPC team will analyze your current campaign along with those of your competitors to develop a comprehensive plan on how your business can make better use of its advertising budget. We will focus on ad placement, ad copy, and conversions. This can be a one-time consult or an ongoing monthly consultation.

If your business is not utilizing some sort of analytics data to track conversions from your PPC ads, you may not get as much out of this service as others. The more data we have to analyze, the more we can help you.


Pay-Per-Click Management

This is the hands-off approach to your PPC advertising. You can rest easy knowing that a team of PPC experts is handling everything from choosing the proper keywords, selecting the target market, writing the ad copy, allocating the bids to achieve an optimal efficiency, and constantly analyzing the entire campaign. No ads will be placed without your final approval, but other than that, you can sit back and let us handle all of the heavy lifting.