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Link Blending

How to Make Your Link Profile Stick Out From The Crowd

If you talk to just about any SEO, they will tell you that the most important thing in any SEO campaign is link building.  (If they tell you “content is king”, start looking for an SEO.  They have no idea what they are talking about.)  Knowing that link building is so important, most everyone is doing it, or at least your top competitors are anyhow.  So in a world where everyone else is building links, how can you make your link profile stick out (in a good way) to search engines?  One way is by utilizing a tactic called link blending.

Link blending, much as it sounds, involves blending your links in with other links.  The key to this tactic is to blend them with links to high authority and either directly relevant or similarly relevant pages.  I generally use pages that are already ranking in the top 50 for a search term that is related, but not something I’m really focused on ranking for.

For example, let’s say you are trying to rank a page targeting ‘getting rid of bed bugs’.  You find a blog about household pets, and the webmaster agrees to allow you to publish a guest post on their blog.  Of course, you are going to link out to your site in the post.  However, I would also link to something like a scientific journal page about bed bugs and maybe find an article about the adverse health effects associated with bed bugs on a high authority site to link to as well.  Your article might have something like:

If you are faced with the challenge of getting rid of bed bugs, not taking aggressive and immediate action can have some serious health consequences.

Obviously the ‘getting rid of bed bugs’ would link to your main site, while the ‘health consequences’ would link to the article I mentioned above.

You are not just limited to doing this with guest blogging.  If you build other domains to build links off of to your main site, you can use this same tactic on them.  What you want to be careful about though is overusing it and constantly linking to the same sites.  If you distribute 10 articles to your network of sites, do not have all 10 articles link to your main page and the same scientific journal page.  Mix it up, and do not do it in every single article.

In the eyes of search engines, this builds a relationship between your site and other authoritative websites in your niche.  It does take a little more planning and effort, which is why most internet marketers and SEO’s are not doing this.  However, utilizing a tactic like this will make your link profile stick out from the rest of the crowd.

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