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Google testing Google My Business website builder

Last week the Wall Street Journal reported that Google is testing a website builder in India to help small businesses that are just starting to get online. It appears they are also testing the product in Australia.

Mike Blumenthal reported that he was given access to the builder through a business invited into the beta.

At this point, it is a very simple one-page website builder that is accessed through the website tab on a Google My Business listing.

Right now the it is very limited in options, but it is easy to see that in the future Google might expand this. Keeping people on Google.com gives them more opportunities to understand a business and sell ads.

We may see this expand to countries with a more developed online presence, so it is worth keeping an eye on. For now, it makes sense for Google to focus on driving this product in countries where many businesses are not currently online. A free, mobile-friendly, website will be an easy sell in such places.

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