Why Are People Crying About The Attack On Blog Networks?

They Should Be Rejoicing That might seem like an odd thing for an internet marketer to say, but it is the truth.  The systematic elimination of the most popular blog networks by Google is actually a very good thing for internet marketers. What?  But I relied on blog networks for my rankings. Well, if that [...]

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The Death of Blog Networks?

One of the most popular forms of backlinking for internet marketers over the past two years has been the utilization of “private” blog networks. I use the term “private” loosely. Yes they are private in that you have to become a member to use them, but when everyone knows about them are they really private? [...]

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Link Blending

How to Make Your Link Profile Stick Out From The Crowd If you talk to just about any SEO, they will tell you that the most important thing in any SEO campaign is link building.  (If they tell you “content is king”, start looking for an SEO.  They have no idea what they are talking [...]

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Google Unleashes The Page Layout Algorithm Change

You have probably heard by now, but Google unleashed a fairly large change to their search engine algorithm last week. They are calling it the page layout algorithm change. At its heart, it really is a continuation of the changes that began with Panda last year. They are continuing to focus on the user experience, [...]

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Googlebot Can Now Execute AJAX & JavaScript

Matt Cutts has confirmed that Googlebot can now read AJAX & JavaScript for indexing some dynamic content on webpages. What does that mean?  Many websites that accept comments have been using some kind of scripting software.  Previously, Google could not read these comments.  One common one that many people have implemented is a Facebook comments [...]

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A Little About Keyword Research

This is a topic I get into debates with people about regularly. What should you look for when doing keyword research?  How many searches should there be? What should I look at for the competition? Taking a dump? That's what she'll do all over your future if you listen to her financial advice. [...]

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Google Removes All .co.cc Domains From Index

I have seen a lot of people overreacting to this news. Here is what you need to know. This is from Google… “If we see a very large fraction of sites on a specific freehost be spammy or low-quality, we do reserve the right to take action on the freehost as a whole. Taking action [...]

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