Recommended SEO Tools

One of the most common questions I get from people is, “What tools or software do you use?”

This is a list I put together of SEO and backlinking tools that I use myself and recommend.  This list can change from time to time as tools fall out of favor, something better comes out, or the developer stops supporting the software.

Rank Tracking

SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker — Easy, accurate tracking of keywords.  Simple report functions and professional looking reports that can be FTP’d to a server, saved locally, or emailed out to a client on a set schedule.  Constantly updated.  Full review here.

Advanced Web Ranking — Another great tracking tool.  This one does not get enough mention in IM circles.  It really is a great and easy to use tool.  Highly accurate rank tracking.  I use both this and Rank Tracker to make sure I’m getting accurate results.  You cannot go wrong with either one.  Full review here.

SEO Analysis

seo spyglassSEO SpyGlass — Another great tool in the SEO Powersuite.  If you only buy one tool from LinkAssistant, this is the one to get.  Grab your competitor’s backlinks.  See the PR of the domain and page the backlink is on, how many outgoing backlinks are on that page, if the link still is present, what percentage of backlinks contain what anchor text, how many domains are linking to the site, and much more.  This tool is how you really analyze the difficulty in ranking a keyword.  Full review here.

Traffic Travis — Free tool.  Not too bad for just pulling a quick snapshot of page one of a SERP for a keyword.  I do not use this a whole lot, but if you are thinking of buying Market Samurai, try this first.  Does basically everything that Market Samurai does except Traffic Travis is free.  Also there are no tutorials with horrible advice like Market Samurai.  Market Samurai is a huge, overpriced, inaccurate, pile of shit.  In case I wasn’t clear, do not buy Market Samurai.  It sucks at what it does. — This is another tool for checking the backlinks of a site.  It is free to use (limited use), but has a great database of backlinks for sites.  I’ll usually grab all the backlinks Ahrefs finds and import them into SpyGlass for additional analysis, and to make sure I’m finding as many backlinks as possible.

Backlink Building

Scrapebox — One of the single most versatile tools you can find.  If you are one of the fools that believe it is nothing more than a tool for automating blog commenting, you are really missing out.  It is one of the tools I would say is really a must have for anyone doing SEO.  Saves a ton of time.  You can get a discount on it here.

Magic SubmitterMagic Submitter — Now, just to be clear.  I do not think there is a huge value in the types of links that any automated tool builds.  They are generally PR n/a or PR 0 backlinks.  However, there are some advantages to having some link diversity and anchor text diversity.  That is where Magic Submitter comes in.

This is a tool that does not get the credit it deserves.  I keep meaning to write a review about it, and keep putting it off.  With this tool available, I cannot understand why people buy SEnuke X.  It does everything SEnuke X does, submits to way more sites, has a better diagram module, is easier to use, and is less than HALF the price.  I’m not saying SEnuke X is horrible.  I’m saying it is an overpriced flaming piece of shit. Trust me.  Grab Magic Submitter instead.  You can take a 30-day trial for $4.95 here.  Oh, and it also lets you add your own sites.  ANY sites.  You can train MS to submit to any site you want.

bookmarking demonBookmarking Demon — Another tool that I really need to get around to writing a full review on.  I will just say this, if you are looking for a way to automate your social bookmarking, easily manage hundreds of bookmarking accounts, with a tool that has the ability to add your own social bookmarking sites, all at a one-time fee, then BMD is exactly what you are looking for.  If you believe that social bookmarking has value, grab this now.

Miscellaneous Tools

Hide My AssHide My Ass VPN – With some of the above mentioned tools, the need for separate IP addresses arises.  You can use proxies for that, or you can be smart, save yourself a ton of money, and signup for HMA VPN Pro which will give you access to over 17,000 IP addresses. Read the full review.

Website Service Plus VPS – If you are running a significant SEO operation from home, you are going to need significant resources.  Having a virtual private server (VPS) gives you the ability to keep your home computer from being tied up all the time.  It is literally like having another computer running whatever tools you want 24/7.  Read the full review.

Web Hosting

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