March 2012 – Merry Monks’ Ale

by Mike on March 2, 2012 · 0 comments

Merry Monks’ Ale is a Tripel brewed by one of the best breweries in the country that you have probably never heard of.  Weyerbacher Brewing Company is a small brewery located in Easton, PA brewing about 10,000 barrels of absolutely fantastic beer a year.

A Tripel gets its name from one of the steps in the brewing process where triple the malts are used.  This is not a beer for you hop-heads.  Belgian candy sugar is used in these, which along with the malts, give it a sweeter taste that some beers you might be used to.  The candy sugar lightens the body and adds complex alcoholic aromas and flavors.

All that being said, this is no fruity girly drink.  Tripels usually back a punch, and coming in at 9.30% ABV, this one is no exception.  There is lots of clove and banana taste in Merry Monks’ Ale.  I think the best description I can come up with is it is a lot like Hoegaarden, but with a whole bunch of alcohol added in.

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