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Mike Friedman has been working in the field of search engine optimization since 2003 and began designing and implementing SEO campaigns for clients in 2007. He is the owner of The SEO Pub and administrator of the Spartan Marketing Academy Forum, which is devoted to online and offline marketing.

Bowling over 3 common myths about citation building for local SEO

Just like anything else in SEO it seems, there are a lot of myths around citations for local SEO. If you are trying to rank a website locally, make sure you are not falling into any of these traps. The first myth especially can be a real headache for you if you buy into it. [...]

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Understanding bounce rate and why it is not an SEO factor

I want to start off by making one thing crystal clear. Bounce rate is not a ranking factor. I am going to say that again. Google does not factor bounce rate into its rankings. They never have, and they never will. I’m going to both explain why that is and show you a real life [...]

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Google to expand exact match in AdWords

Google posted this on their AdWords blog yesterday. https://adwords.googleblog.com/2017/03/close-variants-now-connects-more-people.html Years ago exact match in AdWords meant exactly that. Your ads only showed for that specific query exactly as you listed it. Over time Google has expanded that and will sometimes show your ads for plural variations, single variations, misspellings, removing or adding symbols such as [...]

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Cut your AdWords costs in half by understanding your Quality Scores

If there is one tip I could give to new and veteran AdWords advertisers, it would be to pay attention to your AdWords Quality Score. By understanding Google’s AdWords Quality Score, you can possibly cut your advertising costs by 50% or more. When AdWords was first unleashed in 2000, it mostly was the playground of [...]

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Think you need original content to rank? Think again.

Visit almost any marketing forum that discusses search engine optimization, and you will undoubtedly come across individuals telling everyone that you need unique content to rank or that Google loves original content. It's nonsense, and there are so many examples of why it is nonsense. Now we have a new example that potentially really puts this silly notion [...]

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Googlers state dislike towards buttons that expand content

Two of the popular spokespeople for Google have let their distaste for websites using “read more” or similar buttons to expand the content displayed on the page be known. “Why would a site want to hide their content?” asked John Mueller. “I hate those.” Meanwhile Gary Illyes tweeted his confusion over the use of such [...]

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Intrusive interstitials mobile penalty – Google’s bark louder than its bite

On January 10th, Google launched what it called an intrusive interstitials mobile penalty. What does all that gobbly gook mean? It means Google was promising to penalize websites that were using intrusive ads in their mobile display. You've seen those sites you click on and an ad immediately pops up before you can see any [...]

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Google testing Google My Business website builder

Last week the Wall Street Journal reported that Google is testing a website builder in India to help small businesses that are just starting to get online. It appears they are also testing the product in Australia. Mike Blumenthal reported that he was given access to the builder through a business invited into the beta. [...]

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The SEO Pub has been redesigned and relaunched

Welcome to The New SEO Pub The SEO Pub was long my running blog about search engine optimization, internet marketing, and beer. The blog grew and had a lot of great followers and readers. After releasing two new training courses about SEO, I launched The SEO Pub Academy. That was eventually re-branded into Spartan Marketing [...]

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Do I Need To Constantly Update My Content?

In the SEO community there has been an ongoing debate for some time over the belief that you need to constantly update your content in order for Google to lover your website. While there is nothing wrong with posting about new topics that relate to your site’s content, it is not a requirement to regularly [...]

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